Want an engaging way to help your children build their essential life skills?

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~ Create more win-win's and gain cooperation

~ Children can build 5 essential life skills ~ creative problem-solving, task management, goal-setting, self-care, and social skills

~ Gain expert tips to understand your child's needs developmentally, improve communication, build a work ethic, and help make everyday tasks fun!

~ It's perfect for families, schools, community groups, and mental health professionals to use with clients


Make skill-building a family affair!

Shores of Success Cards

Conveniently bring skill-building with you wherever you go with Shores of Success Cards! This card set includes 72 activity cards and everything you need to help your child start skill-building. You'll get our downloadable booklet and a link to our quick start guide and expert tips to get even better results!

Shores of Success Classic

Engage younger children in this beautiful game that's ideal for children aged 9-12, but that's also been found helpful by younger and older children. Discover tasks for children of every age and tips for goal-setting, so it can be a great game for families, groups, teachers, and mental health professionals. It includes 72 activity cards, 8 miniature people, 1 dice, box, and a downloadable booklet and link to our companion webpage with additional features.

Professional Review

"Shores of Success is a practical, fun, and interesting way to teach your child or any child you care about the rewards of being responsible and caring for others. Children are naturally helpful and generous but may need reminders and incentives to practice on a regular basis. Caregivers model good communication and problem-solving skills which is an additional bonus of this well-crafted, interactive game."

~ Dr. Paula Schmidt, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist

Success Stories

Gain Cooperation >

"I really like this game and have been using it with my grandson Mickel. We figure out what reward he wants and keep a notebook, so he can see his progress. He loves feeling like he can earn the things he wants, rather than waiting on the adults to simply give him things. He really loves being helpful, and you can see it boosts his self-esteem when he helps others out. I love seeing him thinking of others and thinking about the consequences of his choices, actually thinking things through, knowing that he's building his critical thinking skills for the future. And I love that there are extra tools that help when anyone gets stuck, like the ones that help build understanding and strengthen communication. I'm looking forward to bringing this game with me to his school when I start teaching there next month, I want to see how we can include it there." ~ Amelie Hamilton

Build Skills >

"I love this game. It's very creative. I love the activities and knowing how it will help my daughter in building her life skills, she needs this and it's very timely for us."

~ Zakiya Stanley, Nurse

Strengthen Communities >

"Ms. Dianne has always shared fun skill-building activities with me since I was just

7 years old and I first met her. At the time,

I was very hyperactive. Now, I am 16, attending a private high school, participate

in multiple extracurricular activities, and

have a bright future ahead of me because

of all of the self-discipline I've learned from all of my community engagement activities. Ms. Dianne has been an integral part of that and has become part of my family."

~ Adolescent in Baltimore, MD

When speaking about seeding this game into every state, Emily Trew, a college student with a major in education said, "That sounds like a great idea! Also, I can recommend it to all of the elementary school counselors that I'll be working with, and I'll be in 3 more schools until I graduate, so that's a lot of people that know other people! This game DESERVES to be known world wide! There is also an after school program here for children below the poverty line and they have a center right across the block from us so I really want to bring it over there too. I'm going to try and reach out to the director and see if I can come in and talk to them about it!" ~ Emily Trew, teacher's assistant

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Professional Review

“This was the most fun my client’s had in a session! She & her Mom were really engaged. We made a chart she can use during the week to go along with the activities the game provided for her. The game gave a tangible method for addressing behavior ~ and all goals are measurable! I just love that and I’m excited to be using it in my practice!”

~ Grace Olivieri, LGSW

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